27 November 2014

Take Me To The Clouds Above - An Inspirational shoot at The House Meadow.

I recently collaborated with some super talented suppliers at The House Meadow for a magical, dreamy shoot 'Take Me To The Clouds Above'.  A beautiful styled shoot which we put together in just under a week! While discussing the shoot I had lots of images in my mind and with all the work that Clare put in to making the barn look so ethereal I hoped we could achieve something amazing.  One of my favourite photographers is Tim Walker so my aim was for some of the images to have that editorial fairytale feel.  We are very proud with what we achieved and hope that you are going to love it too.  

Over to Clare to explain more about the shoot and how it all started.....

Carousels. I have been totally mesmerised by them for years. The colourful intricately painted animals, the twinkly music, the glowing lights...it's just all so magical, my pinterest boards have been dominated by their images for so long! 

I help to organise a family festival and one of the highlights of it (well for me, anyway!) is the gorgeous carousel that comes along each and every year. I've got to know the owner of this beautiful ride these past few years and mentioned on more that one occasion that I'd LOVE to borrow a horse for a photo shoot. With a themed photo shoot brewing in my imagination and the carousel horse being at arms reach, it was only a matter of time until I had to bring some of this wonder to The House Meadow. What catapulted this shoot (which we've named 'Take Me To The Clouds Above') to life was the release of the BBC Music 'God Only Knows' video. Every scene left me inspired and excited by a fusion of colour, light and stunning props.
As always, an excitable message got sent to my lovely friend and photography genius, Kerry Ann Duffy. She encouraged me with the fatal words 'Make a secret board on Pinterest...' and from there the photo shoot was well and truly established. I wanted the carousel to feature as the main prop but to be complimented by sparkle, streamers, balloons, smoke bombs (we love 'em!), and a whole lot of over the top and elaborate 'pretty' to veer away from the usual 'rustic' style images that the barn provides a backdrop for.
We had one problem - due to the most wonderful time of the year coming up (Christmas!) the carousel was booked out for events for the majority of whats left of the year. I was told a 'horse' would be free for 4 days in November, which left us about 10 days to try and plan the full shoot. It was a little stressful to say the least but we managed to get some of our favourite suppliers to jump on board with us at the last minute to try and recreate some of the carousel fuelled, celestial, whimsical magic that was in our heads!

I hope you are all going to love them and get inspired a little, or a lot, from the shoot, and by the way - you can absolutely have a Carousel at The House Meadow :)

Here's a big thank you to the following contributors and suppliers:

Cake : Flossie Pops Cakery Flossie Pops Cakery
Stationary : Becky Lord Becky Lord
Flowers : Darling & Wild*
Make Up and Hair : Emma Smisson
Table Cloth : The Sweet Hostess The Sweet Hostess
Mirrors: Woodcocks Interiors Woodcocks Interiors
Models : Sarah, Hannah and Sophie
*Hydrangea bouquets by The House Meadow

bride on a carousel horse in barn The House Meadow
bride on carousel horse with smoke bomb
Barn wedding with balloons
bride with biba cape and vivienne westwood shoes
barn wedding inspiration

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