6 February 2014

Somma & Jack's Wedding at Oakwood House in Maidstone

What an emotional day.  Somma's dad had been unwell but discharged himself from hospital in order to be there to walk her down the aisle.  The image you see below, when they had stepped out of the car and were waiting to walk in to Oakwood House, was one of the most touching moments I have ever photographed.  The pride, relief and happiness that they both must have felt was such a lovely thing to capture. 
The ceremony room at Oakwood House is lovely and bright and I got to stand directly in front of them which was great as there was lots of laughter some tears!  Their children Ace & Hero looked so beautiful and Ace was such a little star performing his role of ring bearer.  Somma is so creative and she knew from the minute she started planning her wedding how she wanted it to look.  The jewel colours she chose were gorgeous and the flowers were reminiscent of a Midsummer Nights Dream - just beautiful!
After dinner, Jack's gift to Somma was the band The Dualers.  He knew they were her favourite band so he had secretly arranged for them to come in a play as a surprise for her.  
I have photographed Somma's sisters wedding some years before, so to be invited back to work with this lovely family again was a real pleasure.  

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