16 September 2013

Carla and Donald's Winter Wedding at Mount Ephraim on a very special date!

Back in December I had the pleasure of photographing Carla & Donald's Wedding at Mount Ephraim Gardens.  This was a particularly special one as they chose to have their special day on 12/12/12 and the ceremony even took place at 12:12.  Not only is it a date that Donald should never forget!...but its also the last time we will ever see such a date as we move into 2013.

It was such a beautiful Wedding and a very emotional one too.  Carla's daughter Olivia did the most beautiful reading during the ceremony which had everyone in tears (including both the registrars and myself!)

It was a very cold and crisp day but we had lots of sunshine and the party atmosphere that they created really got everyone into the christmas spirit.  Mount Ephraim is one of those venues where the photo options are just as good inside as they are out, so while we braved the cold for a lot of photos, it was still so cosy and beautiful when we moved inside.

For the first dance, they surprised us all with some brilliant dance moves to a mix of songs which included Thriller & Gangnam Style! 

This was such a fabulous Wedding to photograph, Mount Ephraim is a truly stunning venue and it just shows you that you can still have beautiful photos outside in December.

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