11 August 2013

Mr & Mrs Locker's Wedding at The Ferry House Inn, Kent.

A Wedding full of fun, happiness and lots of dancing.....

Vickie & Matt's Wedding took place in May at The Ferry House Inn on the Isle of Sheppey.  This is another one of my most favourite venues and one which I am so pleased to be a recommended supplier for.  It has the most amazing scenery for a Wedding along with the most fantastic, friendly and enthusiastic staff.  Kerrie & Victoria really do love to get involved and make your day as special as possible.  It was good to see their new dance floor too, it made for some beautiful photos of the first dance.

When I arrived at Vickie's parents house I found, not only Vickie rocking a cool leopard print onesie, but also 3 of the cutest bridesmaids.  Everyone was so happy and excited for the day ahead and it set the tone for this wedding.  Vickie & Matt are such a great couple and it was a real priviledge to be a part of this special day.  As well as lovely families they also both have a great group of friends and there was just so much laughing all day long.  There were also a few tears, especiallly when Matt presented Vickie with a set of keys to the car, which was his surprise Wedding present to her (THE most amazing Wedding gift i've ever seen presented!!)

After dinner, they decided to do a Harlem Shake which was brilliant.  It was so funny to see everyone (and I mean everyone!) young and old do this.  Even the staff joined in :-) 

I love the way that Vickie kicked off her shoes for a good old dance at the end, a photo which I think sums up this whole Wedding..... fun, happiness & dancing.

Flowers by Lulabells Taylor Made Events
Cake by Julie Havill
Venue The Ferry House Inn

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Anonymous said...

This was a perfect wedding and the photographer was brilliant she captured the day with photos the are all brilliant. Thank you Kerry Ann Duffy

Kerrie Gibbons said...

Brilliant wedding Kerry. Looking forward to seeing more of you here at the Ferry House Inn.

Kerrie Gibbons, Wedding and Events Manager.