3 March 2013

WW2 Day at school - Evacuees

My boys had a World War 2 day at school a couple of weeks ago and they were asked to come into school dressed up as evacuee's. They had been learning about what it would have been like for the children when this happened and writing diary entries from the point of view of the children, learning about rations etc. (It did make them realise how lucky they are and they even finished all of their dinners for a while!) 

I love any kind of dressing up but this one I was particularly excited about as I love the clothing from this era.  We didn't even need to go out and buy anything as they had it all already.  I am really lucky that they enjoy dressing up and are into fashion (not sure how long it will last) they love their little tweed jacket and waistcoat and they especially loved the opportunity to wear a tie.  My mum made their gas mask box and I let them borrow my vintage cases (these were just for the photos though!)

Anyway, here are the photos I took of them, what good little actors they are.....

I took this one with my iphone before they left as well. I used the Snapseed app. Its one of my favourites and was great for recreating the tones of an old photo...

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