21 January 2013

My week in pictures 20th January 2013

Absolutely love taking photos in the snow, such perfect surroundings to capture my boys looking so happy. The way the snow reflects the light onto their faces makes for beautiful photos.  
Used my camera bag as the stand, set it to 10 second timer and then jumped in!
Packaging up photo orders. 
New base layers for their football and I thought they looked rather gorgeous in them so had to grab my camera

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13 January 2013

My Week In Pictures 13th January 2013

New year, new start, new resolutions (and a new hairstyle)...... One thing I want to try and do is take more photos and also to do Self Portraits like I used to.  I learnt so much from doing these when I first started out, so the idea is that I will do this post weekly.  Lets see how well I stick to it!

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