20 August 2012

Shelley & James' Wedding at Frasers Coldharbour Farm, Egerton, Kent

On the 18th of May I photographed Shelley and James' Wedding at Frasers Coldharbour Farm in Egerton and what a Wedding it was!

Whenever I met with them, Shelley would say that she was particularly worried about the photos as she really isn't comfortable in front of the camera.  I explained that if this is how she felt, she chose the right photographer!  I totally understand how it feels to hate yourself in photos and to feel uncomfortable when someone points a camera at you.  Shelley laughed at me and said "yeh right, i've seen your self portraits!' but honestly, I really do understand. Let me explain...

I might look like a poser who loves the camera, but I am taking the photos myself, using a tripod and a remote control, no one is watching and I am in total control of the camera! I can delete them straight away if I don't like them and then only publish the ones I like, so of course i'm only going to publish the ones that I think I look ok in.

On your day you are putting so much trust in your photographer because they are responsible for capturing one of the most important days of your life.  They have to put you at ease, make you feel comfortable and encourage you to just be yourself, even when you can feel that big lens on you! So as much as I can give you hints and tips on posing (which i do) the best photos will always be the spontaneous moments and they will only happen when you are happy and relaxed.  One of the most important (if not the THE most important) roles for me as a photographer is to make you feel completely at ease with me. I want you to totally trust me and know that it is my job to make you look good, actually, not just good, it is my job to make you look WOW and worthy of the cover of Vogue Magazine.

The reason for me telling you all of this is because I wanted to give you some background to these photos because I think that Shelley (and of course James) look gorgeous and I don't think that by looking at these, you would ever know how Shelley felt prior to the day.  We had planned a pre-wedding shoot, which would also have helped, but due to one reason or another, it didn't happen.  The new Mr and Mrs Vidler are such a sweet couple who I can tell are friends as well as being very much in love.  Just by asking them to stand together, chat and enjoy the time away from everyone, I think I got some fantastic shots.

As for the venue,  you will see that it is just stunning.  It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere but it has a real homely and cosy feel to it.  The Oast House that they stayed in and Shelley and the girls got ready in was really lovely too.

The details that Shelley and James added were so unusual and all of the guests were commenting on how stunning it looked.  It was definitely one of the best themes and table arrangements I have ever seen and it matched the venue perfectly.

All flowers by Sweet William Florist, Headcorn

Pretty Flip Flops for the evening....such a great idea.

Hair & Makeup by the lovely Nicola Jane

I love to capture these little glances.

The fantastic Lellas Cupcakes  (my favourite!)

The tables looked just as beautiful at night.

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph Shelley and James' Wedding at Frasers Coldharbour Farm, a perfect venue for a perfect couple.  Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer Mr and Mrs Lindley and please do stay in touch! xx

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