27 March 2012

Spring/Summer shoots - What should I wear?!...

So often I get asked for ideas on what people should wear for their photoshoot, so I have put together an inspiration board on PINTEREST for Spring Summer 2012.  I am always on this site searching for inspiration and making boards for Fashion, Home, Makeup, Hair..... all things I love, so I thought it would be a good idea to create seasonal boards for people to refer to when choosing their outfits.

Please click HERE to see the board which will hopefully give you some inspiration for your upcoming shoot.

I have included lots of different things on there including images from some of my previous shoots too.

Now, I totally understand that a lot of them are not practical.  For example.........

But it is just to give you an idea of colours and details that work well together.

Another one which I can hear men moaning about already is.....

BUT... again, its just to give you an ideas.

While the photoshoot needs to be about you and your children, what you all wear will make a huge difference to your photos so do plan it in advance.  

  • Colours and print - Denim, pastels, primary colours, spots, stripes all work well for outdoor shoots.
  • What NOT to wear - It is best not to wear anything with big logos as this can be very distracting in the photo.
  • Coordinate - you don't all need to be matching but colours that compliment each other will work really well.  An example I like on the board is the parents in navy and white and the kids in yellow.  At a recent shoot I did, they all chose to wear different shades of the same colour.  Another option is putting the boys/men in one colour and the girls/ladies in another.  The key is to compliment and not to match.
  • Bring the dog! - if you have a dog so bring it along, they can make lovely fun photos and also get the kids running around playing...which is what we want!
  • Accessorise - Bring a bag full of options.  Hats, sunglasses, football, favourite teddies, different jackets..... Its better to have too much choice than not enough.
  • Details - ladies, give yourself a nice manicure.  Your hands will show in the photos where you are having cuddles or holding hands, so its nice if your nails are painted and looking pretty.
  • Be comfortable - taking all of this into consideration, you still need to be comfortable otherwise it will show in your photos.  So if you want to wear a dress, put a pair of converse on with it.   And if you want your little girl to look cute and pretty but still fun and quirky, team some wellies with that little dress.  These things will make you comfortable but still look great.
Please don't feel any pressure to go out and buy lots of new outfits for your shoot, this is just a guide that I hope will help you to decide on what you will wear and bring along.

I am a bit of a Pinterest addict so do check back as I will be adding to this board.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.  I'd love to help you out.

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