7 March 2012

Ace - a secret shoot!

Back in December, Sandra contacted me to say that she wanted to arrange a Photoshoot with her Grandson Ace, who is 2.  She wanted to give the photos to her Son and Daughter-in-law as a gift for Christmas.  Such a lovely, thoughtful idea.

So we did the shoot at Sandra's house on a day that she usually looks after him anyway, BUT we were so worried that Ace would go home and tell Mummy and Daddy that "I've had lots of photos taken today!" but luckily, he didn't mention a thing!

The shoot went really well and, as you can see, Ace is absolutely gorgeous!

Sandra chose to purchase a large batch of prints to give to Somma & Jack on Christmas day and then gave them the password, so that they could also view all of the images on my Website. I was so excited on Christmas Day, thinking about what their reaction would be! It turned out that they absolutely loved them and were very emotional and totally surprised.  Here are a few of my favourites.

So if you are looking to surprise someone special and your children/grandchildren are good at keeping secrets! then this could be a great gift idea...
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