8 March 2012

Accentuate at the Central Theatre, Chatham. By Buxton Dance Studios

Back in October, Paula from Buxton Dance and Drama Studios was putting on their bi-annual show at the Central Theatre Chatham.  She asked me if I would be interested in taking some promotional photos for the event.  I jumped at the chance and we started discussing Paula's vision for the advertising and the theme etc.

I went along to the studio and took some photos of the amazing dancers in lots of different poses and enjoyed it so much.

I ended up with these individual shots......

Which were then used like this to advertise the show like this....

Paula then asked me to go along and take some photos of the dancers backstage before and during the show. I loved every minute of it!!  I asked them all to just ignore me so that I could try to capture the real emotions that they have backstage at a performance.  However, being performers, they also loved the camera and loved the opportunity of a photo too :)


I also went along to watch the show on another night and thought it was fantastic.  So professional and well choreographed but still fun.  The kids looked like they were having such a good time.  

The little girl above, Leah, is also my Josh's girlfriend (they are only 7!)  I had to get a quick pic of them together after the show when she ran out to see him. Awwww.... 

Some of you may remember lovely little Leah from the previous blog post about her Birthday photoshoot which you can click HERE to view.

I will be at Buxton Dance Studios on 22nd and 23rd March to take photos of the students.  Cant wait!

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