2 November 2011

Rock The Dress

I decided that I would like to start offering Rock The Dress shoots.  I know They are known as 'Trash The Dress' as well, but I just thought that 'rocking' it sounds more appealing and, after all, rocking it is what we will be doing! If you are happy to trash it in the process then thats great too and we will be sure to get some amazing photos by doing so.

I asked Laura if she would like to be my first Rock The Dress client and she jumped at the chance.  She brought along lots of accessories and ideas for the shoot which was brilliant.  I had also got together lots of my own props and accessories so we had a great big bag of pretty things to play with! I did suggest a couple of things to Laura before the day and that was, bring some biker/military boots and spend some time applying your makeup, ensuring its bolder than what you had on the Wedding Day. 

I knew of a couple of locations that I thought would work and we went out just as the sun had started to go down so that we had the perfect light.  We spent about 2 and a half hours on the shoot and we had so much fun.  Laura fell over a few times (and I am so sorry Laura but I had to take a photo but you still look gorgeous) but I was asking her to run at me in super heels at the time so its not surprising really.  

The shoot is a lot more Fashion/Editorial based than the usual Wedding Photos and that is why I want to do these shoots.  As everyone who knows me will tell you, it is this area that is my passion.....fashion, styling etc.  So I am in my element styling and directing this kind of shoot.  As I mentioned, Laura did her own makeup and hair but I will be offering packages which incorporate hair and makeup by the very talented Emma Smisson as well.

It gives you the chance to get your dress on again and 'work it'...... so much better than boxing it up and never seeing it again I think!!  Its not limited to a Wedding Dress, be it a Ball Gown you want to get on again or a bridesmaid dress you really loved, its just 'Rock The Dress' so you can choose the dress, the location, the idea... and I will make you look like you belong in the pages of a high end magazine.
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