30 June 2011

Lorraine & Bill's Wedding at Upnor Castle, Kent.

On the 29th May I photographed Lorraine & Bill's Wedding at Upnor Castle in Upnor, Kent.  I had just got my new 5D MK11 and couldn't wait to shoot my first wedding with it!!

 I got there in plenty of time to photograph some scenery and details and to ensure I was there for Bill's arrival.

It was a lovely sunny day but also with plenty of nice puffy clouds....pretty perfect from a photographers point of view!!

I didn't know what car Lorraine was going to arrive in and I was so excited when she was driven up in a GORGEOUS vintage VW Beetle Cabriolet.  Such a gorgeous car that went perfectly with Lorraine's Wedding theme.

Lorraine looked absolutely stunning as were her Bridesmaids and all of the flowers.  The venue is very grand and regal but it also has a very relaxed and informal feel about it.  It actually felt like it belonged to Lorraine & Bill as there was no strict order to the day.  The ceremony itself was really beautiful and intimate and the bride and groom were actually asked to stand and face the guests to say their vowels which I have never seen before, this just added to the intimacy of the ceremony and it really was an emotional one with both bride & groom being reduced to tears!

After the ceremony we made our way down the beautiful spiral staircase and out to the front of the Castle where Lorraine's mum had got champagne ready for everyone.

The views from the Castle are beautiful and it was such a nice space for everyone to stand and sip champagne in the Sunshine!  There are also great big Canons which made for some very cool shots...

I then took Lorraine & Bill for a wander round the castle as there were so many gorgeous locations we needed to make use of...

Jake the dog came along to the ceremony too!!! He is their baby so he just had to be there.  Just another example of how relaxed, lovely and accommodating the castle is.  I got this photo when Lorraine didn't realise and its one of my favourites.  Jake is loving the fuss from his mum!

Lorraine & Bill decided to book me after I shot their friends, Michelle & Tom's wedding last year.   It was good to see Michelle & Tom again.  Lorraine has a lovely group of very close girlfriends and it was nice to get a shot of all of them together.

After a few group shots it was then onto Medway Yacht Club.  Lorraine wanted to throw a bouquet but didn't want to use her own so her mum made another one for her to use for this.  I was so pleased because this always makes a good shot as it generates lots of expressions.

There was no top table for the meal at the Reception and this worked really well.  It continued the 'intimate' feel of the day.  I really got the sense that this was a day for Lorraine, Bill and all their favourite people.  The speeches were funny and I have to say that capturing peoples reactions during this time is one of my favourite parts of photographing a wedding day.

Another couple that were there, Danielle and Chris, have booked me for their Wedding next year at Little Silver in Tenterden.  I caught them sharing a 'look' during the toast.  Wondered if their little smile was them thinking 'this will be us next year!' :-)

A few other things that I loved and just want to mention are....

 The fabulous Cup Cakes made my Michelle Sartain...

The Irregular Choice shoes (from Schuh) worn by Bride and Bridesmaid....Love them!

The beautiful Bouquets made my Lorraine's Mum!...

Belle the gorgeous Karmen Beetle from www.vwbrides.co.uk

This couple who I thought looked sooooo cool...  I want that feather cape!!

I thought Lorraine's whole look was perfect.  It was classy but cool and had a vintage feel when teamed with her choice of accessories.  It also just shows that you don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous on your wedding day.

Dress - Monsoon
Fascinator - Debenhams
Shoes - Schuh
Bridesmaid Dresses - BHS

I also created a small 'out takes' folder for Mr and Mrs Marley as I captured a few funny moments during the day.  They are not album images but I'm sure they made them laugh :)

Thanks so much for choosing me to photograph your wedding Mr & Mrs Marley.  I now look forward to creating your album for you x Pin It Now!

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Anonymous said...

Kerry, what a wonderful summery of our day! Thank you so much! We're still trying to pick our favourites for the album which is so hard as we love every picture you took (especially the outtakes!).