11 February 2011

Lauren & Caius

At the end of 2010 I ran a competition for a Makeover shoot.  To be in with a chance to win, fans of the page just needed to click 'like' or comment on the offer on my Facebook page.  I had a huge response but Lauren Coppen was the lucky winner.

We had the shoot last week and Lauren brought her little boy Caius along.  Her sister Rachel also came along so she could try and keep little Caius amused while we were doing the shoot.

Lauren really wanted to get a few shots of her a Caius together so we decided to do those first.  They arrived with loads of different outfits which is always great, however, Cauis' wardrobe was bigger than mine and he had soooo many gorgeous outfits and it was really hard to choose.  We settled on a hoodie and rugby shirt with the intention to change after a few shots, however, Cauis just wanted his clothes off and also wanted to do his own thing.  He really didnt want to stand in front of my backdrop either....what one year old would! :) so we just went with him in the end and I love what we ended up with. 

After that we went onto do the shots of Lauren, we just got out loads of different accessories and played dress-up really.  It was loads of fun but the time went far too quickly and we were also conscious of poor Cauis getting a bit bored by now.  

Lauren's sister Rachel was an absolute star, she was babysitter and entertainer doing everything from giving him cuddles to dancing around like a mad woman just to get some smiles for us :)

The sound track to this shoot was Low - Flo Rida.  Cauis' fave!

Lauren's prize was not only the photoshoot but also 10 fully edited photos of herself on a disk. The only problem now is deciding which other ones to have.

Thank you Lauren & Rachel & Caius. Was lovely to meet you all x

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